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“Why the italian young people seems so passive?” Le mie risposte alle domande di una “french journalist student”

Qui trovate le mie risposte scritte domenica 24 febbraio alle domande di una “french journalist student”, Inès De Rousiers, come si è definita lei. Giovedì pomeriggio mi ha scritto quanto segue:
“On ne vous a pas cité dans l’article. Nous avons trouvé des intervenants plus polis et plus compétents”.
E’ un documento di un certo interesse, compresi i suoi errori di inglese. Buona lettura.


– Why the italian young people seems so passive?

“Who is authorized to talk in name of the Italian people? There is no Bastille to take and no king to guillotiner. There is a government whose parliamentary majority is 52 per cent and surveys saying that about 60% support what the government is doing.”

-It’s hard for them to find job, to have their own home…It’s like their prefere to go abroad than try to change things in Italy. Is it because their is no « culture of political event, demonstration » like in France?

“Many go abroad to find jobs. Many look for jobs in Italy. Many have a role in professional, cultural, religious associations and other non governmental organizations. The Italian welfare state works and senseless violence is not going to change anything. The casseurs n’habitent pas en Italie.”

-Is it because they think they can’t change things ? (Maybe because there is much more old people than youth people in Italy)

“Things can change what there are proposals and proponents. The opposition is very weak and the Democratic Party is dormant. Your question about old vs young people is meaningless.”

-And regarding the one called « Bamboccioni »…They live with their parents because of economical difficulties for the most of them. I’m surprised that they don’t protest against the economical situation even though they seem to be aware that their futur in Italy may be compromised. Why is that?

“Could you quote your sources? Young Italians live with their parents because the parents provide a shelter and family care. The future in Italy is not compromised and, generally speaking, is not necessarily bleak. All the statistics say that a very large majority of Italians are satisfied with their personal life and believe that there will be some improvement in the future.”